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Hardin County

Kountze Economic Development Corporation
Phone 409-246-3831

Kountze Chamber of Commerce
Phone 1-866-4Kountz or 409-246-3413

Lumberton Economic Development Corporation
Phone 409-755-0031 x101

Lumberton Chamber of Commerce
Phone 409-755-0554

Silsbee Economic Development Corporation
Phone 409-385-9549

Silsbee Chamber of Commerce
Phone 409-385-5562

Jefferson County

Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce
Phone 409-838-6581

Groves Economic Development Corporation
Phone 409-960-5788

Groves Chamber of Commerce
Phone 409-962-3631

Nederland Economic Development Corporation
Phone 409-729-1020

Nederland Chamber of Commerce
Phone 409-722-0279

Port Arthur Economic Development Corporation
Phone 409-963-0579

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce
Phone 409-963-1107

Port Neches Economic Development Corporation
Phone 409-727-6776

Port Neches Chamber of Commerce
Phone 409-722-9155

Sour Lake Economic Development Corporation
Phone 409-287-3573

Orange County

Orange Economic Development Corporation
Phone 409-883-1077

Orange County Economic Development Corporation
Phone 409-883-7770

Bridge City Chamber of Commerce
Phone 409-735-5671

Greater Orange Chamber of Commerce
Phone 409-883-3536

Vidor Chamber of Commerce
Phone 409-769-6339

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The Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce publishes the Beaumont Business Journal monthly. 

Additional Resources

Sabine River Authority-Economic Development
Lower Neches Valley Authority-Economic Development
Texas Department of Agriculture
Texas Economic Development Council
Texas Department of Rural Affairs
Federal Emergency Management Agency
National Association of Development Organizations 
US Economic Development Administration
US Department of Agriculture - USDA Rural Development
US Department of Commerce
International Economic Development Council