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Listen carefully to the news this summer and sometime during the year you may hear on the radio or TV a weather announcement that there is an Ozone Action Day. This is a warning that air pollution levels are high.

You can protect your lungs on days when the air isn’t good by limiting your time outdoors. You and your community can also keep pollution levels low by doing simple everyday things to reduce pollution. The people, plants, and animals who need clean air to breathe will appreciate your help to keep the air clean.

What can you do on an Ozone Action Day to keep air pollution down?

Online Activities and Games

Clean Air for Kids (Kindergarten and First Graders)

When is the best day to go outside and play? Buster Butterfly shows you when the air is clean and it's good to play outside and when you should stay inside to play. Developed by the Environmental Protection Agency.
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Air Quality Index for Kids (Ages 7-10)

What should you do when the Air Quality Index is orange? Let the chameleons K.C., Koko, and Kool, show you how EPA measures pollution in the air. Developed by the Environmental Protection Agency.
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Why is Coco Orange?

Coco the chameleon can’t change colors, and his asthma is acting up. Read how Coco and his friends at Lizard Lick Elementary solve this mystery as they learn about air quality and how to stay healthy when the air quality is bad. This picture book was produced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for all children, especially those with asthma, and their caretakers. Developed by the Environmental Protection Agency.
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Stay Air Aware

You can be part of the South East Texas Regional Planning Commission Ozone Action Day Program. We’ll notify you the afternoon before a broadcasted Ozone Action Day.