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Tuesday, 28 June 2011
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Leading SETRPC to pursue a greater unification of technology resources, the ITT is responsible for the management of SETRPC's Local Area Network, Wide- Area Network, phone system, Web Presence, and Internet connectivity.  The systems are designed to be flexible and reconfigurable which allows for more efficient use of resources. 

The SETRPC website is managed by the ITT, and is a highly informative site that can easily be updated by each SETRPC division on an as-needed basis.  And recently, the ITT added interactive GIS mapping to its Website providing even more available information about our region.

Along with network administration and support, the ITT also provides group and one-on-one training for the software and network systems used by the staff and to provide reliable and cost effective technology to SETRPC employees.  This, in turn, enables SETRPC to maintain a high level of proficiency in performing its duties.